Pastry Chef Amanda's Tiramisu

While we admit it’s hard to remove ourselves from the cold of winter to the joys of spring, Pastry Chef Amanda did her best to bring you a dessert that could capture both seasons. Enjoy this classic Italian dessert with an addicting light-weight mascarpone mousse filling. Everything is made from scratch. If it’s too much, feel free to skip making the Lady Fingers and purchase a package of premade Lady Fingers.

Yield 12-15 servings

Lady Fingers:
4oz Bread flour
6 Egg Whites
6 Yolks
6oz Granulated Sugar
3oz Cornstarch
[Yields apprx. 4 dozen]

Method of Preparation:
Whip yolks on high speed with 2oz of sugar until thick and fluffy
Combine 2oz of sugar and cornstarch, put aside
Whip whites on high speed with 2oz of sugar
When whites are at soft peak, slowly add cornstarch mixture
Whip to still peak
Fold together whites and yolks
Fold in bread flour
Pipe 3”- 4” “fingers”
I recommend no spacing between each finger cake for easy handling
Dust tops with granulated sugar
Bake at 350 degrees until golden, about 12 minutes

Mascarpone Mousse
1# Mascarpone
2c Heavy Cream
¾ c Sugar
½ c Yolks, pasteurized (or 2 pasteurized eggs)
TT Dark Rum

Method of Preparation:
Place all ingredients in mixer with a wire whisk
Whip until thick and light

Coffee Soaker
[TT is “to taste”]

TT Coffee, warm
TT Coffee liqueur
TT Masala Wine
TT Granulated Sugar
TT Espresso or coffee extract

Method of Preparation:
Combine all the ingredients to your liking
You’ll need about 2 quarts worth of liquid

To Build:
Using your favorite casserole dish, trifle bowl, or pan measuring about 9”x 11”
Remove 4 lady fingers and soak in the coffee liqueur for 30 seconds
Evenly layer the lady fingers on the bottom of your dish
Repeat until the first layer is complete
Spread half of the mascarpone mousse on the lady fingers
Add another layer of lady fingers, followed by the final layer of mascarpone mousse
Dust cocoa or grate chocolate on top of the Tiramisu
Allow to set-up for a few hours before serving


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